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A Facebook friend invited friends to join her at the Berghoff’s Octoberfest in Chicago. That started my trip down memoery lane.

I loved the old Berghoff restaurant on Adams Street in Chicago just a few blocks west of South Michigan Avenue, before the daughter, I believe, took over. It was closed for a short time after she took over. They sold some of the dishes and other items, then reopened as something a little different with a new market in mind. Anyway, the old Berghoff had such a European atmosphere, the waiters wore black dress pants, white shirts, black bowties, and white waist aprons – some of them had been at the Berghoff for over 40 years – I had talked to one waiter who had been gainfully employed there for 50 years, he was then in his 70’s and said he would be lost not going to work everyday. The waiters never wrote the orders down and all seemed to have an accent. The food was great, but now mediocre, but the ambiance that romanticized the gastronomical experiene is gone. Nothing stays the same forever – seems the good never stays the same, but the bad persists.

I attended two Octoberfests in Munich, doubt any other Octoberfest could match the experiences.

Paulding County Progress Newspaper New Website Format

After some technical difficulties yesterday the new website “” (same address as before) is online.

Log on to see the changes.

New Website

We’re launching our new website today!!!

Paulding County Progress Newspaper
The Paulding County Progress is unveiling a new website at 11 a.m. today, Sept. 11.
After months of research, hard work and brainstorming, the new is going live Thursday. During the first few days, visitors may experience service interruptions. We regret any inconvenience, but we’re certain you will like the new site.
The site includes a new user-friendly design with more local and area news and more photos. It also includes a true mobile version. Take us for a test spin and see all the new features.


Originally posted on Paulding Community Blog:

I attended the fundraiser noon luncheon sponsored by the “Courthouse Crew Relay For Life” team last Friday held on the Courthouse lawn. I must comment that I am always impressed with how much money “Relay For Life” raises in Paulding. The luncheon had great attendance.

I sat at a table with some good friends and enjoyed some good conversation and a delicious lunch. As I sat looking at the well maintained Courthouse and the surrounding lawn with the trees and landscaping,  a sudden sense of pride came over me.  As I looked at the view around the square from my vantage point, discounting the empty retail space and lack of building maintenance, and the brick pile, that sense of pride came over me again, the view I was seeing was coming from an envisioning,  a mental  vision of what once was and what now could be. The views of the…

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I Just Can’t Help Myself!

Watched “Monte Python Live” broadcast from England at the Cinema Center Downtown Ft. Wayne  last evening. Little did I know I would be singing this morning “Always look on the bright side of life” with such elation. “Facilitate this”!


Paulding Village Council will hold a street committee meeting at 5:30
p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 13 to discuss a Gasser Road and U.S. 127
(Williams Street) traffic study and street repair.



Eric in the “Shoe” in 2000.  Hopeful, then as now, of a successful season. I think the year is correct, you can see the construction of the new press box and other improvements that were being made in the top right hand corner of this picture. img037

How do we make Paulding, Ohio, a better place to live?

Originally posted on Paulding Community Blog:

Part 1 of 2

Working together, residents, neighborhoods, government, schools, churches, businesses, clubs, and organizations can accomplish much more than they can when they work separately. Paulding has many hardworking, positive, bright and talented people. Different groups have different resources and skills, as well as different limitations. If we all have a common objective of improving our community, we can find ways to accomplish this faster and more effectively when we work together.

In order to coordinate the efforts of all of the individuals, groups, and organizations in Paulding, we need to communicate. While the best method would be to meet face to face, we can use all available methods, such as the phone, mail, web forums, texting or e-mail. We have to be willing to work together, and to listen to the goals and objectives of our neighbors.

Paulding has no shortage of people who are…

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Movie Night Last Night, Friday

The first movie night of the season was a great success with good attendance. People enjoyed the movie “Frozen” from Disney Studios.

Thanks to the village’s Parks And  Recreahtion Board, and all involved in the event. Hope to have more Movie Nights. Would be nice to see “Jaws” again; the movie debuted 39 years ago, on June 20, 1975.


How zoning works, Paulding has zoning, but is it working for the benefit of the community?


This must be taken seriously and is very important if you ever hope for change in our community.

Originally posted on Paulding Community Blog:

From Ohio State University Fact Sheet: Zoning CDFS-1265-99

Part 2 of 2

The Zoning Triangle: Commission, BZA, and Inspector

Three basic units administer zoning – the zoning commission, the board of zoning appeals (BZA), and the zoning inspector. They depend on one another to make sure zoning is fair and effective in a community.

Zoning Commission

In unincorporated areas, the zoning commission is made up of five citizens, per the ORC. In charter communities, the planning commission may carry out the zoning commission duties and may have a different membership, often defined by the charter. The commission is an advisory group, and zoning decisions may be overruled by unanimous agreement of the local legislative body (township trustees, county commissioners, or city council).

The basic duties of the zoning commission are preparing the zoning text and map, holding public hearings, initiating zoning amendments, and making formal recommendations on all amendments.


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