How do we make Paulding, Ohio, a better place to live?

Part 1 of 2

Working together, residents, neighborhoods, government, schools, churches, businesses, clubs, and organizations can accomplish much more than they can when they work separately. Paulding has many hardworking, positive, bright and talented people. Different groups have different resources and skills, as well as different limitations. If we all have a common objective of improving our community, we can find ways to accomplish this faster and more effectively when we work together.

In order to coordinate the efforts of all of the individuals, groups, and organizations in Paulding, we need to communicate. While the best method would be to meet face to face, we can use all available methods, such as the phone, mail, web forums, texting or e-mail. We have to be willing to work together, and to listen to the goals and objectives of our neighbors.

Paulding has no shortage of people who are willing to give their time and expertise to help make their home town a better place to live. While some improvement projects are clearly in the domain of professional contractors or the Village of Paulding, many other improvements can be done with volunteer help only. Certainly, volunteer efforts are far more cost effective than professional or municipal improvement or maintenance efforts.

So where do we get these volunteers? Good question! Churches and other charitable groups are always willing to help make Paulding better for everyone. High school students who want to go on to college need community service credit to put on their applications. If we coordinate things properly, and communicate effectively, we can get people together to accomplish great things.

In Part 2: What is needed, and what can we do?

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  1. The “Welcome To Paulding Signs” that have been put up in the past, the current ones included, have been designed poorly and do not look professional, they do not look like we are serious about promoting our town. We need something more permanent looking and something that catches the eye and creates interest and curiosity, with some landscaping around them.


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