How can I be a better neighbor?

Good neighbors are usually unappreciated, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unnoticed. They are usually just taken for granted. People usually don’t comment that they have a good neighbor, but they will comment when they have a bad one, or when they have a neighbor that doesn’t socialize. Are you a good neighbor or a bad neighbor? Do your neighbors comment on your behavior in a good or a bad way? Do you want to change how they look at you? Keep reading for tips on being a better neighbor.

First of all, what makes a bad neighbor? Loud music, blaring television sets, keeping odd hours, driving too fast, and not keeping a respectable lawn are some of the biggest things that bother other neighbors. But those are obvious faults. What else is cause for concern? Leaving trash cans at the curb for days after garbage pickup, not bringing in your paper, leaving on your outside lights all day long, and letting your dog go to the bathroom on your front lawn and not cleaning it up. Those points are all self explanatory and easy to stay away from doing.

Secondly, what makes a good neighbor? A nice lawn, quiet music, no loud parties, and driving at the speed limit or below if there are children in the neighborhood. Those are obviously things that other neighbors appreciate. What else makes them smile in your direction? Being helpful is probably the biggest thing that neighbors appreciate. When you see that your neighbor’s lawn is overfull of leaves and one of your neighbors is outside trying to single handedly rake them up, offer to lend a hand. When a new neighbor moves in, offer to help unload the truck or unpack the boxes. A neighbor just had a baby? Offer to make a meal one night so the new parents aren’t so stressed out. Those are also somewhat obvious tips. What else would make a good neighbor? If your neighbor hasn’t brought in his garbage cans yet, roll them back into his yard. When you’re outside make sure to smile and wave at your other neighbors. Start a conversion if you like. These are things that other neighbors love.

Lastly, what can you do to make new neighbors feel at home? Besides helping with moving in, be sure to introduce yourselves to the new neighbors. Also, find out if they have kids and if they do, tell them where all the children in the neighborhood live. Tell them where the good places to eat are and where the good places to shop are. If possible, take a dessert or a plate of cookies to make them feel welcome. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could have a barbecue or a dinner party to introduce the new neighbors to everyone else in the neighborhood.

It is not too hard to be a good neighbor or a better neighbor. It also isn’t very hard to welcome a new neighbor. After all, don’t you want your neighbors to be good neighbors?

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