Paulding Plan Part 4 (upper stories)

The Paulding Plan Part 4

3. Upper Stories of Building Facades.

Problems/Needs: The majority of the buildings in the downtown have at least two stories. Most of the second stories are vacant. As a result, in order to conserve energy and minimize maintenance costs, windows have been boarded up or replaced with smaller windows. Such a practice has detracted from the original designs of the buildings and has contributed to the unattractive appearance of the downtown.

Recommendations: Understanding that replacement of windows is a rather expensive undertaking, especially for vacant floors which are generating no income to the owners, a process should be started to educate property owners on alternative methods for treatment of upper story windows. All future inappropriate window treatments should be stopped and the Design Review Board should start working with property owners to renovate existing inappropriate window treatments.

A successful downtown program will generate new uses for these upper stories, thus generating rent or other income for the owners of the buildings, which should encourage them to improve the window treatments. The Ohio Historic Preservation Office can offer suggestions on how best to renovate these upper story facades. PDG’s architectural staff can also provide design assistance.

4. Signage.

Problems/Needs: Currently there is no consistency in the size, type, location, or number of signs used by businesses in the downtown, nor in the type of materials used. This presents a very disjointed and cluttered image to the public.

Recommendations: A sign ordinance dealing specifically with signage in the downtown should be developed and implemented. It should address size, material, location, and number of signs permitted per property owner in an attempt to create a more uniform approach to signs. The design review board should be charged with administering the sign ordinance.

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