Paulding Plan Part 8 (2nd focal point)

The Paulding Plan Part 8

10. A Second Focal Point.

Problems/Needs: There is an opportunity for downtown Paulding to capitalize upon the use of green space to provide additional area for public use, while at the same time providing additional recreation and park area for residents in an area close to the downtown. All downtowns require reasons for people to visit them. Some downtowns are using the idea of recreation, miniparks, fountains, etc. as an additional reason for enticing people to visit the downtown.

Also, most older downtowns turned their backs to rivers, lakes and streams because they were commonly used for industry or commerce and were therefore unattractive. Today, downtowns are re-evaluating the opportunities provided by these natural areas.

Paulding has virtually no public access to or view of the Flat Rock Creek on the eastern edge of the downtown. The Senior Center is currently considering the provision of some means for their clients to enjoy the Creek, such as a deck over Creek behind their building.

Recommendations: The community  should attempt to better utilize and access the Flat Rock Creek. The Paulding County Library owns property adjacent to the Flat Rock Creek which could provide some public access in the south. The Senior Center can provide access to the north. There is open land  possibly  available on the east side of the Creek that could be purchased and developed as parkland for public use.

In addition, if the car dealership which currently occupies land along the Flat Rock Creek were ever to relocate outside of the downtown,  a developer  should be identified who would be interested in acquiring this property and developing it into an area with specialty shops , maybe some seasonal shops that compliment the activities along the creek and placing picnic tables in the greenway for people to use.


The goal would be to provide public access along the entire Creek which is within the downtown area, and to tie this area into the downtown, especially the Courthouse Square. Picnic tables, benches, small playgrounds for the children, decks over the Creek, and other amenities could be provided to make this an attractive area. More active sports activities could he planned in the parcel to the northeast of U.S. 127.

Note: This has been edited to make the plan  more suitable for today. The new park is a great addition to the downtown and will be a pleasant area for people to enjoy and relax.

This recommendaton  would provide space for more recreational opportunities associated with the creek and hopefully draw more people into the downtown area.

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  1. I have long been an advocate for identifying the assets of our Village and the Flat Rock Creek is one that has been overlooked. The Flat Rock Creek is one of the few remaining untouched waterways in our County. The Little Auglaize River was reduced to a glorified ditch years ago – as was Blue Creek and several others. The Black Swamp Nature Center has done a remarkable job of restoring the beauty of this creek and surrounding area. It serves as an inspiration of what can be done by having a vision, rolling up your sleeves, and getting it accomplished. Perhaps the Economic Development office can assist in starting a project like this. It seems to fit with their Vision Statement : To create a positive business climate in Paulding County and improve the economic well-being and quality of life of its’ citizens. and their Mission Statement: To assist in the retention and creation of jobs, improve local services, broaden the tax base and encourage capital investment by working with local, public, and private leaders, the state, and enlisting input and aid from the entire local community.

  2. Susan lets get the ball rolling, let’s make this a community based initiative. Looking for your suggestions.

  3. Regarding access to green space around Flat Rock Creek from Library property: What an AWESOME idea! When the library purchased adjacent property (for future expansion), we did not realize the purchase included the acreage behind the library next to the creek. Although a flood plain, I can see raised boardwalks or overlooks where folks could go to observe wildlife, etc. I love the idea of a food emporium and shops. And, I often thought the old railroad bed running next to the new ballpark could be made into a biking/walking trail. Love all your ideas! I’d be willing to listen and start the ball rolling on this end… board approval, legal stuff, grants, funding, etc. etc.
    Susan Pieper
    Library Director


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