I attended the fundraiser noon luncheon sponsored by the “Courthouse Crew Relay For Life” team last Friday held on the Courthouse lawn. I must comment that I am always impressed with how much money “Relay For Life” raises in Paulding. The luncheon had great attendance.

I sat at a table with some good friends and enjoyed some good conversation and a delicious lunch. As I sat looking at the well maintained Courthouse and the surrounding lawn with the trees and landscaping,  a sudden sense of pride came over me.  As I looked at the view around the square from my vantage point, discounting the empty retail space and lack of building maintenance, and the brick pile, that sense of pride came over me again, the view I was seeing was coming from an envisioning,  a mental  vision of what once was and what now could be. The views of the architecture of the old buildings were impressive, you have to look closely at the architectural details to appreciate them and look beyond the needed maintenance of some of the buildings, imagine what they could be. I had conjured up this mental vision of what this downtown area could look look like with some serious community pride, effort and support to create an environment to sustain, attract and support local retail businesses. The vision I had conjured up was that of little specialty shops, maybe a sidewalk cafe – might as well have what I want since it was my vision –  with nicely maintained buildings, some restored to the original period decor, with street and sidewalk improvements with plantings. Lots of people walking, talking, shopping, just enjoying their surroundings, you know that quality of life thing. You need to go, today not tomorrow, to the courthouse lawn and sit for a few minutes and look at what a great opportunity we have, see if you see what I envisioned. Allow your mind to formulate a vision of what this town could be. Seriously, if we build a nice community they will come. Let’s start today with a commitment to  work together  to create a vision and see that vision through to fruition.

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