Quality of life is nebulous and hard to define, but it is a condition that sets communities apart from one another. We all have traveled to areas where we think to ourselves, “This place is nice” and conversely, we have all been to neighborhoods where the feeling is anything but nice. Quality of life is a force that can impact housing values, residential and commercial growth and … local pride. And quality of life is very hard to maintain. Once it begins, deterioration can be rapid. There are signs of deterioration here in this community – the empty commercial and retail spaces, infrastructure improvement needs, maintenance issues … and even light bulbs!

What does it take to ensure that the quality of life grows with a community? It takes vision to see what could be and what is possible and practical. It takes creativity to think outside the box and maybe stop thinking that we “have to” do it the way it has been done before. And of course, it does take money. Instead of complaining about the situation, and questioning why things are not getting done, why not ask ourselves what “we” can do?

What does quality of life mean to you? What’s on your “wish list” that would make Paulding a better place to live? Please provide your input by commenting below! Let’s start a dialogue.

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