Spectacular! We Need More Building Improvements Like This!

The owner of the Zumba building has been making renovations to the exterior and interior of the building on the SW corner of Williams and Perry St. in Paulding. Exterior work includes tuck pointing masonry joints and painting dental work, top railing and window frames. Interior work includes replacing wood window trim and casements, opening up windows to reveal entire height of the windows, that  would have been the original configuration. Floors stripped to reveal original wood floors that are being sanded down and sealed. The upstairs to be utilized for business purposes.  In the picture the right half of the building looks to be completed on the exterior – just is remarkable what a little paint and masonry work can do to improve the looks of the building.  The work being done is not cosmetic, it is being done correctly to last.  Thank you so much for investing in Paulding, we appreciate what you have brought to the community. This is the fourth building on this block to make improvements. When done correctly the second floors of buildings can be utilized for business purposes and loft rental, the thing is it needs to be done correctly to achieve the best utilization and return.   Hopefully we will be able to continue with the theme around the square with sidewalks, lighting and brick work along the curb – some plantings would be great too!!  “LET’S DO IT”

I just have to make one more remark “WONDERFUL”. Okay, one more “I am so proud”.


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  1. I agree! We are stewards of these old buildings. We will either choose to see them decay and whither, or we invest in the protection of the structures. On a regular schedule, the Board of Trustees of the Paulding County Carnegie Library has maintained the exterior of the building with tuck-pointing, waterproofing, etc. The Library has recently replaced a roof that had been leaking and causing potential damage to the structure. This fall and winter, you will see masonry repair work, pressure washing, tuck-pointing and waterproofing to continue the goal of ensuring the library building will last another century and more. That is our responsibility to those who had the vision of community 100 years ago, as well as to the generations to come. If we believe in the Village of Paulding, owners of these properties should invest in the protection and the continuity of their buildings.

  2. Karl Mielke

     /  October 25, 2012

    I hope these businesses were able to get assistance from the following organizations (reflecting only a few of the sources for business owners):
    National Trust for Historic Preservation and their National Trust Main Street Center

    Heritage Ohio

    Maumee Valley Planning Organization
    Defiance, OH 419-784-3882


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