Celebrate earth day by making a list of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycle, plant a tree or shrub, shut off light not being used, fix leaky faucets, walk or ride a bicycle for short trips to the store, conserve our precious resources for future generations.

Have a great day!

Not Only Troubling, But Heartbreaking To See!

I want to preface this comment with the fact that this and other posts are not meant to criticize anyone – no  person should  take any post as personal criticism please.  We are where we are for whatever reasons and  must move forward immediately  and must not dwell on how we got to this point.  Only looking for solutions.

Here is another building situation. This is what we will call the middle unit  of the building at the North East corner of Williams and Jackson, back of building. This situation also causes safety concerns.  This building has  been uninhabited for many years.  You have read before that a building maintenance code has long been advocated and may have prevented this situation , but in this case it is beyond an average building maintenance code.  This is in violation most likely of ORC building codes.  Why do we not enforce the code by contracting a city like Van Wert or Defiance to provide the service and pay on a  per case/ basis with fees charged to cover cost of service. Building departments require a  technical staff  that is often too expensive for smaller communities to support  financially. Liberty Center (in Henry Co.) has arranged for nearby Wood County to provide the service. Liberty Center is smaller than Paulding and  is experiencing some of the same issues  as Paulding and they decided to do something. This situation is probably causing interior damage to the building and probably causing the other units problems, if not now, in the near future if not corrected. All three store fronts are part of the same building structure and  this unit will cause structural failures to the rest of the building if problems are not remedied.

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On The Road With The Paulding Progress, Dedicated Individuals

Watch video on above link.


Today promises to be a nice Spring day, tomorrow warmer. Great opportunity to do some yard maintenance and gardening , pick up debris that has accumulated over the winter. Plant shrubs and trees. Get those bulbs in the ground now so the April rain Monday will bring May flowers. I still have bags of mulch  from last fall I did not get applied. Make a list of outside jobs to do –  paint trim, wash siding and windows,  repairs.  Good  time to plan your vegetable garden.  Carpe Diem!

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