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  1. Christine Stockman

     /  June 2, 2014

    I am very curious how long we are going to sit by and not do anything to prevent the accidents happening on St Rt 24 from our intersections in Paulding County? After my cousin, Ron Roth was killed at the intersection of St Rt 24 and CR 87, I thought, “well, it’s fairly new and he had driven that way for many, many years, so he simply wasn’t thinking.” Then, I believe the girl from Antwerp was the next victim. At that time, I asked my husband, former Paulding County Engineer, Mark Stockman, what he would do. Without hesitating, he told me he would put rumble strips at the intersections before St Rt 24. I mentioned this online to some people and the response I got, from I believe (but I’m not sure) the Paulding County Commissioners was that it was up to the State to do that. I told them they would wait many, many years if they were going to wait on the State. There is no reason why your Engineer and the Commissioners cannot put rumble strips on County Roads. They belong to the county and can be put on anytime by the Engineer if they feel it is necessary for safety’s sake. I’m sure I will hear answers like, “there is no money in the budget for this”. Well, let me tell you, that you can forfeit 1 or 2 miles of paving and put that off for another year in order to keep the people in Paulding County safe. C’mon… we can’t lose any more people because of laziness of the elected officials of Paulding County.


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