Paulding Plan Part 8 (2nd focal point)

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The Paulding Plan Part 8

10. A Second Focal Point.

Problems/Needs: There is an opportunity for downtown Paulding to capitalize upon the use of green space to provide additional area for public use, while at the same time providing additional recreation and park area for residents in an area close to the downtown. All downtowns require reasons for people to visit them. Some downtowns are using the idea of recreation, miniparks, fountains, etc. as an additional reason for enticing people to visit the downtown.

Also, most older downtowns turned their backs to rivers, lakes and streams because they were commonly used for industry or commerce and were therefore unattractive. Today, downtowns are re-evaluating the opportunities provided by these natural areas.

Paulding has virtually no public access to or view of the Flat Rock Creek on the eastern edge of the downtown. The Senior Center is currently considering the provision…

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