Antwerp Comprehensive Plan Development

Okay, THIS is how is should be done 
The Village of Antwerp is working on a new comprehensive plan to help create a new long-term vision for development and redevelopment.
A new comprehensive plan will help define what residents want the community to look and feel like in the future.
There will be two primary opportunities to weigh in on the development of a new comprehensive plan for Antwerp. First, a short survey has been developed. This survey can be taken on-line at
Secondly, sometime early in 2014, the Village of Antwerp will be holding a community planning workshop.
Wow, good idea, Antwerp! Other communities should follow your lead. Opinions should be solicited, never suppressed.

Antwerp Comprehensive Plan Survey

The following brief survey is intended for people who live and/or work in the Village of Antwerp, Ohio. No more than 5 minutes should be needed to respond to questions.

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  • Thomas Krick This is great. I commend those who initiated this project. They have an active community development organization in the ACDC. Great job to everyone involved. It takes the entire community to weigh in on what they want the community they live in to be – this is the quality of life issue they will determine. WOW!!!!!!! I think the village initiated this project. I am inspired by this project and I do not live in Antwerp.  This renews my faith that we can still accomplish this in Paulding.  Had worked on revisiting the original Paulding Plan  and updating  the plan, but no one seems interested – if they are, as usual that faction remains silent and elusive.
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