MVPO Wants You To Get Involved – Transportation Survey

Maumee Valley Planning Organization is putting together a multi-modal Long Range Transportation Plan for the 5-county region made up of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding and Williams Counties. They are currently seeking input about transportation in the region through a short transportation opinion survey to help shape the plan.

Please follow this link to take the survey: or visit MVPO’s website: and click “Take the Survey”.

Long Range Transportation Plan 2015-2040
Maumee Valley Planning Organization is currently developing a rural long range regional transportation plan for Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, and Williams Counties with a horizon year of 2040. The plan is being funded in part by a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation to review existing transportation conditions and propose improvements. The plan will be multi-modal and encompass traffic volumes, accidents, road and bridge conditions, rail crossings and train characteristics, environmental issues, recreational trails, population areas including age and environmental justice areas, and other areas pertaining to transportation and planning for the region.

Get involved! MVPO wants to hear from YOU about transportation needs in the region to help shape our Long Range Plan.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. From the identification of a need the process of getting funding at the MVPO level include studies that consist of surveys and the more public expression of the need for the project help get the funding. MVPO often has a shopping list of projects they try to get funded and those may take several years. After being funded the applications from local government and agencies must be completed and pursued with earnest to show the dispersing agency the need. The realitiy is that if an item is of interest we need to talk about it now and basically make a campaign of it as was done with the US24 improvements by the organization “Fort To Port”.

  2. As past Executive Director of the Paulding Chamber of Commerce and also having served on Paulding Village Council for five years – I know how important surveys are. I’ve completed mine and know I’ve done my part. Statistical information is required for all projects and grants. Please take five minutes of your day and complete the survey.


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