Rolling back renewables in Ohio

From the Ohio Democratic Party

Ohio may not be first in the nation for job growth, education funding, or supporting local communities – but thanks to Gov. Kasich and the Republicans, we are first for something.

With Kasich signing SB 310, Ohio became the first state in the country to freeze the renewable energy and efficiency standards that have been working for Ohio since 2008.

Not only does this move shirk our responsibility to leave Ohio a better place for future generations while ignoring middle class families’ need for affordable energy bills, it risks the 25,000 Ohio jobs that have been created since the standard passed six years ago.

In fact, American Electric Power has already announced that a project to create 4,000 family-sustaining jobs in the next four years has been put on hold.

Is this what we want Ohio to be known for?

It has never been more clear that Republicans are looking out for themselves – not everyday Ohioans. They don’t care that Ohio families need affordable utility bills; that our natural resources must be protected; and that Ohio may now lose 21st century “green collar” jobs to neighboring states.

– Meredith Tucker, Communications Director, Ohio Democratic Party

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