Reminiscing This AM

A Facebook friend invited friends to join her at the Berghoff’s Octoberfest in Chicago. That started my trip down memoery lane.

I loved the old Berghoff restaurant on Adams Street in Chicago just a few blocks west of South Michigan Avenue, before the daughter, I believe, took over. It was closed for a short time after she took over. They sold some of the dishes and other items, then reopened as something a little different with a new market in mind. Anyway, the old Berghoff had such a European atmosphere, the waiters wore black dress pants, white shirts, black bowties, and white waist aprons – some of them had been at the Berghoff for over 40 years – I had talked to one waiter who had been gainfully employed there for 50 years, he was then in his 70’s and said he would be lost not going to work everyday. The waiters never wrote the orders down and all seemed to have an accent. The food was great, but now mediocre, but the ambiance that romanticized the gastronomical experiene is gone. Nothing stays the same forever – seems the good never stays the same, but the bad persists.

I attended two Octoberfests in Munich, doubt any other Octoberfest could match the experiences.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  September 16, 2014

    A great restaurant with great food!


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