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The Paulding Village Council will meet today, July 18, 2016.

Suggest if you are concerned about the recent happenings that you attend the meeting and voice your questions.  A participative government is more efficient and more responsible.

I believe most citizens have been alienated by local government and not included in the conversation.  We need more transparency from our local officials.

Now, citizens may feel if they say anything, even village employees and council members included, they will be subject to retribution and retaliation.



What are some signs that a small town is dying?

Written by Criss Roberts – writer & traveler

1) The very first sign will be when the school closes. No children = no school.

2) The grocery store will follow. Locals will drive 10 miles to save 12 cents at a larger discount store. The local service station will try to accommodate with more prepackaged food and a RedBox.

3) Retail is next. What remains will be a beauty salon and a resale shop. The resale shop will close. The beauty salon remains until the owner’s death.
The downtown is now a row of boarded up buildings.

4) Housing is occupied by senior citizens on assistances. Younger families have moved to be near a school. Empty houses are either abandoned or rented for little $. There will be a growing drug problem and at least one fire from a meth lab explosion.

5) Churches can not support their pastors or repair their facilities. The ruling body does not offer enough help and they begin to close as their congregants age and move/die. An evangelical church from the nearest larger city will consider opening a storefront branch in one of the boarded-up businesses, but ultimately decide there aren’t enough souls to save.

6) No one runs for city government because no one wants the job.

7) Near the end, the only business in town is the tavern and a gas station which charges too much for gas. The gas station will close. The tavern remains.
There will always be a tavern.

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