Trump’s new ads. Follow the money, well we would if he would disclose his tax returns and his foundation would report their donations and expenditures correctly. The use of foundation money for personal use is fraud. He is currently involved in at least 7 lawsuits and possible bribery charge in New Jersey. Of course what he is alluding to is the Clinton Foundation’s receipts of contributions made while Hilary was Secretary of State. She may have been a conduit for individuals to make donations that were never solicited by her or the Foundation. An investigation determined there was no favoritism given those donors. If you gave a large donation would you not want to meet and have your donation acknowledged by the Foundation’s founder. Unlike Trump’s illegal foundation by NY law and Federal guidelines for charitable foundations, the Clinton Foundation does charitable work around the world, providing health care and other humanitarian aid. Unlike the a Trump Foundation that uses donations for personal purchases and expenses. His newest ad professing how much he has done for women — Bull Shit, look at his record on what he has said about women over the last 20 years. As he does on many topics, he pivots and thinks we have short attention spans. He has shown his true colors and no matter what he does in an attempt to make people think he is something different than what he truly is is not going to work, a zebra can not change his stripes. He is a classic egomaniac, most recently evidenced by his behavior – that is a very serious issue that can have very drastic results for all of us. His surrogates have to rephrase what he says, what he says is what he truly means, they are interpreting what he says to what they think he intended to say, who would run the government, his surrogates? His organizations have broken laws of which, unfortunately, will not be adjudicated until after the election. Hilary’s email problem is not of concern to most people, it was determined there were nothing in those emails on her private email server that put the U.S. or any other country at risk and it was determined there were no laws broken. As to the missing ones, well it was her private emails and those may have been personal in nature. Why do people on the left refer to her as Killary? Accusation the Clinton’s had a couple of individuals murdered has no substance, only speculation and innuendoes. Congressional hearings and investigations vindicated her of any responsibility for Behngazi. The ambassador was told to return to the embassy compound but he insisted the people on the streets loved him. Funding had been requested for security improvements for embassies prior the attack, but funding denied by a GOP controlled Congress. The unemployment rate is down, family income of the middle class is up. They will tell you that the unemployment number is low because many have just given up, well gee, how many baby boomers have recently retired from the workforce. Trump believes in trickle down economics and that does not work, that is why income has not risen at a comparable rate to the wealthy. Recent research indicates the income of his base is above the national average of the middle class. Trump,can not create jobs with his proposed economic policies. His proposed economic policies have been declared a disaster by economists. To borrow his favorite phrase “believe me”. Bigotry/racism are part of his mental makeup. Those that would vote for him will be complicit in the disasters that would follow his election. You have no reason to fear Hilary.

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