Take a Haunted Walk Through Sherwood Forest at Crystal Fountain Auditorium, Sherwood. Hours: Dusk-11pm Oct. 19, and from dusk-10pm Oct. 20. Proceeds to Sherwood parks. Not recommended for children under age 12.

An Observation


Driving around Paulding one sees many unlicensed vehicles, junk cars, cars with expired license plates, automotive parts( tires and parts) on properties. There are tires that have been chained to a sign on the street right of  way for three or more months, tires stacked here and there, some in alleys. Several cars seen operating on the streets with only one  license plate displayed, Ohio requires license plates on front and back of vehicles, ORC.  There are ordinances pertaing to these issues and should be aggressively enforced.Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding these issues.  

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